Tiffany Green | front end web development, UX/UI design, Ruby on Rails, jQuery and JavaScript
Tiffany Green
front end developer
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skills: HTML / HTML5 / HAML | CSS / CSS3 / SASS | JavaScript / jQuery / CoffeeScript | Ruby on Rails | PHP | WordPress | Photoshop
I am a front end developer working towards full-stack. I come from a background in web and print design and have been working with web technologies since 1995. I am currently working in a Ruby on Rails environment, touching the majority of the full MVC framework. In my spare time, I am working on a project in Ruby on Rails and another in CakePHP and contributing front-end development and UX to open source projects. I also founded and organize Madison Study Hall (@MadStudyHall).

Open source:

MADi / Corgi | on github /
M.A.N. (Mutual Aid Network) | on github
Ruby on Rails | SASS | HAML

MADi is an event app for the Chamber of Commerce, linking social networks, event calendaring and payments.
M.A.N. is a very similar project to MADi, linking social profiles with project needs.
Working with the development team, my role includes: writing tests for TDD-style development, adding functionality through the creation of models, controllers and views, user interface elements for linking social profiles.

Carmedius | on github
Twitter Bootstrap | Ruby on Rails | SASS | ERB

Created the front end styles for the prototype of a car bidding web app, using Twitter Bootstrap, SASS, and Ruby on Rails.

Discourse | on github /
My specific PRs | mobile styling / header logo sizing
SASS | Vagrant

Contributed mobile styling and bug-fix for header issue.